Jan Baracz
Christoph Draeger
Peter Fend
Rainer Ganahl
Noritoshi Hirakawa
Simone Huelser
Joerg Lohse
Wolfgang Staehle
Caspar Stracke
Beat Streuli

Caspar Stracke

5000 USD - unframed
DVD, color, stereo
12 minutes 15 seconds
Signed on front, numbered, and dated.

Edition of 3.

Includes a signed, dated and numbered certificate of authenticity in the DVD case.

Produced and published by Thing Editions.

This piece shows a color grid, masked to and originally projected on to the industrial-style window at THE THING’s office in the Starrett Lehigh Building in Chelsea, NYC, consisting of 80 window panes. It shows scenes compiled from eight feature films that were crudely pixilated to exactly match the grid of the 16 x 5 window panes (each representing one pixel). In this low resolution of moving images the viewer can still recognize movements and objects. The original sound of the scenes is audible. All selected excerpts deal with blindness and partial dysfunctions of seeing. Protagonists are either blind or in the state of regaining sight -- describing objects that they cannot clearly recognize. Others talk about a hallucinatory experience.

Born in Germany.
Lives and works in New York City.

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