Jan Baracz
Christoph Draeger
Peter Fend
Rainer Ganahl
Noritoshi Hirakawa
Simone Huelser
Joerg Lohse
Wolfgang Staehle
Caspar Stracke
Beat Streuli

Jan Baracz

850 USD - unframed
25 x 11 1/2 inches
Signed on back, numbered, and dated.

Edition of 6

Two 10 x 7 1/2 inch images mounted on a 25 x 11 1/2 inch board.

In his ongoing project Jan Baracz has always moved along the shifting line between the random and the structured. He has conjured this nexus through a myriad of forms. Baracz's photography is a long-submerged extension of his art and design work of the last decade. While his art work frequently used photography as an element of larger structures, this series of images is a freestanding sequence. It reveals a different facet of Baracz's preoccupation with the powers and handicaps of perception. Here the phenomenological approach of his art yields to the point-blank intimacy of the captured subject.

Born in Warsaw.
Lives and works in New York City.

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