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Rainer Ganahl

2500 USD - unframed
2 color fotos (dyptich)
16 inches x 20 inches each (image size)
Signed on back, numbered, and dated.

Edition of 8.

(The indicated price is for the dyptich).

Full Title: Hans Magnus Enzensberger, Philip Gourevitch, "The Radical Loser”: A Public Interview with Hans Magnus Enzensberger. Discussion with Philip Gourevitch, Goethe Institute New York, New York, April 28, 2006

Edition published by Thing Editions, New York, 2006

Excerpt from a statement by the artist written in March 2004:

I have accumulated an archive of photographs I have been taking in university class rooms and lecture halls. Photos are not only made of the
lecturer but also of the audience/listener/students during the class,
during the event. The idea for this S/L series came to me while auditing a seminar by Edward
Said entitled “The representation of intellectuals” at Columbia University in the mid-1990s. These ongoing photographic series has for me become the back bone for an artistic production with a specific aesthetic, visual and intellectual scope marked by administrative
systematism, continuity and contingency. As with other works of mine, these photographs have a strong indexical quality and refer to a body
of knowledge that shows my interest in issues of cultural critiques and politics - all issues that are vibrant in understanding today’s social world...


Rainer Ganahl
Born Bludenz, Austria.
Lives and works in New York City.

In 2005, his work was shown at his most comprehensive solo-exhibition to date at the Wallach Gallery (Columbia University), New York.

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